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Mountain Peaks and Sunny Skies

  • February 18, 2008

We have arrived in Punta Arena, the gateway to the southern tip of Chile, home of the Torres Del Paine National park, and is the southern most city in Chile, A short stop-over for our next destination, Puerto Natales. As we made our final approach into Punta Arenas international terminal we were hit with sever turbulence. The plane was buffeted around as the powerful winds that howl across the south pacific finally made landfall. It became apparent that this was not going to be one of those beach holidays where we could absorb copious amounts of vitamin D and moan about the sand in every crevice....

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Tolerance and Endurance

  • February 9, 2008

Endurance is defined in the English Dictionary as “the ability to continue doing something difficult or painful over a long period of time”, and tolerance “willingness to allow people to do, say, or believe what they want without criticizing or punishing them the degree to which someone can suffer pain, difficulty etc without being harmed or damaged”.

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We have arrived….

  • February 1, 2008

We left with heavy hearts as we gave a goodbye kiss to our four legged companion with a nervous lick. This was by far the hardest thing about going away. The packing, the renting of the house, the stress of renovating a laundry was small in comparison. There is something about the look that our four legged friends gives you that has the ability to tear your heart out. Tears flowed freely, but it was not a goodbye, but more of a "see you in a while". The flight out of Canberra was an earlierish one, but was met head on with a farewell from Vicki.

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South American Itinerary

  • January 1, 2008

Leaving Canberra on the 31st of January 2008 for an epic journey we will arrive into our first destination of the country of Sydney Mascot Airport. Upon arriving at Sydney Mascot Airport we will begin exploring the fascinating cultures that one might find in this strange country. Rumours have it that there are strange creatures that set traps for the unknowing tourists that frequent this strange place. Occasionally the tourists that wander this Mascot Airport country are tempted inside of these traps and make a strange transaction and reappear outside of the trap with additional baggage (in case...

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