Aerial Videography

Mooselogic Photography provides the capability to capture 4K footage of most applications from our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The footage can be used for a variety of productions including television advertisements, corporate videos, action footage, film productions, personal productions etc. Our UAV’s are fitted with professional grade camera stabilising gimbals that ensures that images captured are stable and smooth, no matter the conditions.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography provides a unique birds eye perspective of the world. Mooselogic Photography provides a method for you to capture this perspective and use it for your corporate or personal productions. Using UAV’s, we can provide you with high definition still photography for property advertisement, mapping, industrial construction, sporting events, charity events and developments. With the increase demand to capture a different perspective to draw the attention of perspective clients, aerial photography should be the next thing you consider for your next production.

Aerial Inspection

UAV’s are highly beneficial for conducting visual inspections that would normally place people or property at risk. This includes power lines, water towers, antenna arrays, building and roof inspections, towers, pipelines and most other large structures. Using live video feeds, ground operators are able to provide comprehensive inspections with no risk to personnel.

Real Estate Photography

Effectively marketing your properties often take a different type of medium. Through the use of UAV’s this can be achieved to provide perspective clients with an aerial view of the property and really leveraging that eye capturing image to really make your property pop. Standing out from the crowd can often be achieved with just a simple image or video that really brings the focus to what makes your property different. At Mooselogic Photography, we can make that difference a reality.

Corprorate Photography

Mooselogic Photography will cover all your corporate events, award ceremonies, staff portraits and head shots, as well as Venue and ground based Real Estate Photography for all your advertising needs.

Aerial Search and Rescue

Mooselogic Photography respects the importance of UAV technology when it comes to Search and Rescue. Any tool that can make the difference of finding someone alive and safe should be utilised. It is extremely costly to deploy large aerial and ground based assets in a search and rescue mission, UAV’s can streamline these costs whilst adding the additional benefits that they are small and highly manoeuvrable Mooselogic Photography can provide deployment in the event that a search and rescue effort is required and can also provide live video feeds to assist ground personnel in prioritising and focusing their search efforts in remote locations.

Mooselogic Photography has a fully licenced UAV Operator on staff and any aerial requirements are able to be delivered through a partnership with Overall Photography.

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