Some Frequently Asked Questions that we receive are:

What type of services does Mooselogic Photography offer?

  • Property shoots that make your place visually stunning.
  • Aerial surveillance so you can be ‘eyes on’ the things you need to see from the air.
  • Event footage to impress your family and friends, or much larger crowds.
  • Wedding aerial video and photography. Kids parties for photos and virtual joyflights – fun!
  • Virtual joy-flights using ‘first person view’ goggles, virtually anywhere!
  • Critical incident reconnaissance – we can put a UAV into places too dangerous for other assets.
  • Ground based photography and videography services for events.

What’s the cost?

  • Prices, we like to keep it simple. The price for a UAV and crew is $150* an hour.
  • A standard property shoot for can be done for $250 (this includes basic editing, with around a 3 minute video as the final production. Extended travel distances may incur an extra charge. Additional customisation of the final product will incur additional costs.)
  • Contact us for a quote.

What do you mean when you say “Area Approval”

When shooting in some locations, there may be a requirement to lodge an aerial approval with Air Services due to the proximity to an airport or other controlled/restricted airspace. Air Services charge a $380 lodgement fee to grant permission to fly at the designated location at a specific time and day. At time of quoting, we can determine if area approval is required and if it is this fee will be included in the initial quote and reflected in the final invoice.