What makes an Entrepreneur? How does an Entrepreneur do what they do best? At Mooselogic we provide the ideas for you to either take on board or throw away. We have an innovative community that provides you with access to a think tank of visions and ambitious projects that gives you the avenue to take yourself forward.

In today’s world, entrepreneurial-ism is becoming more and more common. Why is this, obviously an entrepreneurs is after the money, however, I believe that this is a by-product of the bigger goal that an entrepreneur is after. Other factors drive these people to achieve:

  • passion;
  • vision;
  • success;
  • failure;
  • achievement.

Entrepreneurial-ism, is a profitable exercise that anybody that puts their mind to it can achieve, so why don’t they? Is it drive, vision, capital? If you have a venture that you need help with or if you are just someone that feels that they are an Entrepreneur at heart, then feel free to join the mooselogic.net community and discus you ventures on the discussion board.